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About The Global Star Rating Program


The global star rating program was launched by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Prime Minister in 2012, aiming to bring about a quantum leap in the efficiency of government services as per global standards. This program rates service centres from 2 stars to 7 stars based on the outcome of independent evaluation and assessment, and the result of the evaluation will be recorded in the assessment report which highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the centre.

19 Service Centers joined the scheme at the start. This had grown to 159 centers by 2014.

Services Centres are evaluated once every two years and given a classification and evaluation report, which includes a customer satisfaction survey and mystery shopper studies. If there is a significant deviation in the level of the service, the centre will be reviewed [?] again with a possibility to change the previous assessment and classification.

Global Star Rating Program Goals

  • Establish your “customer experience” system: concepts, criteria, requirements, assessment
  • Educate and train your employees to enhance level of service
  • Evaluate and measure current customer satisfaction level
  • Identify strengths and area of improvements