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Assessment Service

The Global Star Rating program provides you the opportunity to have a certified inspector/assessor to assess your service center on the same criteria that are used in the Global Star Rating System. The Quality Assessment offers:

  • The ability to select the timing and frequency of assessments
  • Data to help isolate operational strategies and focus on areas that need concentration and development
  • Access to our Web-based, star rating reporting system, which includes benchmarking on Seven-Star, Six-Star and Recommended achievement
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Training Service

One of the most important factors for the success of the service centers government or private aiming to provide services up to seven-star rating; start a journey towards excellence to study and understand the star rating system of classification services with its hubs and framework elements and tools and models, and identify all performance gaps service centers based on system requirements, which will enable those seeking excellence in providing services to build developmental initiatives depending on the sound system and program requirements.

Our Training program focuses on evolving a culture of intuitive, engaged team members, allowing the personality of the service center to shine.

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